MCCX is a cryptocurrency that pursues the value of strategic capitalization. It gives a real value to members and businesses through the security solution, Ghost Wallet and its application of spectrum matrix technology.

Spectrum matrix technology began from the world of light. The MCCX project, which contains this innovative technology that creates one-time usage security code on its own, will revolutionize the finance business.


Ghost Wallet (Safe Asset Platform)

Ghost Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that has an enhanced security through one-time color encrypted code in random numbers, which prevents hacking through transaction tracings. It is also the main platform of the crypto bank system.

A color code is generated by the user by inputting a pattern physically on the touch panel of the user’s smartphone. This does not only enhance security, but it also expands the application's range to be integrated from cryptocurrency marke to general FinTech payment market.


Ghost Payment (Next Generation FinTech System)

Ghost Payment is a next generation FinTech system with one-time limit payment method.

This is a P2P payment system with new security concept, where the user generates the security code with one-time color code, allows the user to only input the amount when the transaction is being made. With one-time color code generated by the user, the transaction is safely made and overpayments or errors are prevented when payments are made.

Ghost Pay is being developed to be used anywhere in the world with the availability of mobile and offline physical card form, and this will bring a change in paradigm.


Ad Mining Application

Mining Color Code App is a new user-centric rewarding system which is a combination of cryptocurrency mining and ad rewarding program.

It’s a rewarding app where the user is compensated for watching the ad on his/her smartphone, and it also allows the user to transform the reward into cryptocurrency, which makes it a reward mining app.

MCCT, the rewarding point received for watching the ad, can be transformed into MCCX through Ghost Wallet. Thus, MCCX can continue to steadily increase its value.


Advertiser’s Platform on Smartphones

Starlight AD is a platform for advertisers on smartphones that is linked to the MCC App.

The banners in MCC App is a place for communication and it reaches out to smartphone users with small businesses' ads in 100% real time.

The ads run with location matching style and the banner type ads are coupon type, connecting to the link type, saving the number type, app installation type. Advertisers can register banners themselves or they can quickly and easily make one using the template available. The ecosystem of MCCX is expanded by the real users.


Energy saving project for small business owners

Ecosaver is a very powerful tool that can realize the ecofriendly movement that can applied to the real world with just one installation.

Along with the practical help in reducing electricity bills, you can expect power savings by improving power factor without voltage fluctuations, eliminating reactive power and harmonics, improving power quality, and reducing carbon costs and extending the shelf life of home appliances.


A new fuel reduction project

Auto Oil Project 3.0 is a huge ecofriendly project of MCC, which aims to improve the environment and reduce the usage of fuel.

This project's income is generated by sharing the saved cost in fuel usage from transportation companies one year after the application of the fuel efficiency system. With a trustworthy relationship with these companies, around 16,000 buses, trucks, taxis, and such are currently under contract.



MCCX project will be on Nasdaq TV, joined with LDJ capital group, as it heads into the global market including the U.S.

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MCCX project to enter the FinTech market in 40 countries worldwide

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User-centric payment information dispersion system will determine the future of blockchain

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