Initial Financial Offering

The MCCX project, which contains this innovative technology that creates the world's only security code on its own, will revolutionize the finance field of business.

Color security code began from the world of light.

The MCCX project, which contains this innovative technology that creates the world's only security code on its own, will revolutionize the finance field of business.



Ghost Wallet (Safe Asset Platform)

Ghost Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that enhances the security which prevents the hacking with the transaction tracings based on the one-time color encrypted code in random numbers, and it’s the main platform of the crypto bank system.

With the enhanced security which comes in a method where the code is generated by the user him/herself by inputting a pattern physically on the touch panel of the user’s smartphone, the application range is being expanded from the field of cryptocurrency to the general FinTech payment market.


Ghost Payment (Next Generation FinTech System)

Ghost Payment is a next generation FinTech system with one-time limited payment method.

This is a P2P payment system with new security concept where the user generates the security code with one-time color code by him/herself. This allows the user to input only the payment amount only when the transaction is being made with one-time color code generated by the user which makes the transaction safe and also prevents the overpayments or mistakes in payments made.

Ghost Pay is being developed to be used anywhere in the world with the availability of it on both mobile and offline in a real card from, and this will bring a change in paradigm.


Ad Mining Application

Mining Color Code App is new user centric rewarding system which is a combination of cryptocurrency mining and ad rewarding program.

It’s a rewarding app where the user is compensated for watching the ad on his/her smartphone and it also allows the user to transform the reward into cryptocurrency, which makes it a reward mining app.

MCCT, the rewarding point received for watching the ad, can be transformed into MCCX through Ghost Wallet and thus the MCCX can continue to steadily increase its value.


Advertiser’s Platform on Smartphones

Starlight AD, which is a platform for advertisers on smartphones is linked with MCC App.

The banners in MCC App is a place for communication and it reaches out to the smartphone users with the small business owners’ ads in 100% real time.

The ads are run with the location matching style and the types of banner ads are coupon type, connecting to the link type, saving the number type, app installation type. Advertisers can register the banners themselves or they can quickly and easily make one using the templet. The ecosystem of MCCX is expanded by the real users.


Energy saving project for small business owners

Ecosaver is a very powerful tool that can realize the ecofriendly movement into reality with just one installation.

Along with the practical help in savings in electricity bills with the improvements in power quality by improving the power factor without changes in voltage and also by getting rid of reactive power and harmonic, decrease in carbon, extended life expectancy for the electronics in shops are expected.


A new fuel reduction project

Auto Oil Project 3.0 is a huge ecofriendly project of MCC which aims to improve the atmosphere environment and reduce the usage of fuels.

It’s a project where the income is generated by sharing the saved cost in fuel usage from transportation companies one year after the application of the fuel efficiency system based on trustworthy relationship. About 16,000 buses, trucks, taxis, etc. are under contract currently.


[Joongang Ilbo]

User centric payment information dispersion system will determine the future of blockchain

[Korea Economy]

MCCX project to enter the Pin Tech market in 40 countries worldwide


Crypto Bank System offers new paradigm in cryptocurrency finance

[Joongdo Ilbo]

MCCX, Crypto Bank System, reveals new cryptocurrency system at a global project


* MCCX sale occurs with limits in amount which relates to its purchase price instead of in periods.

* The price of BTC is set with the market price at the time of deposit when the amount is being calculated.

* When all the amount by sales price gets sold out that particular sale comes to a close and the buyer will have to use a different route.

* Lock ups will automatically get unlocked by 10% a month on a total level. However, the unlocking date will vary depending on MCCX purchase dates registered by different individuals.

(Example : assume a lising in Apr. 1st 2019

-For the buyers who purchased on 2/1, it’ll be automatically unlocked 10% on 4/1 and the same will occur on the same date of the following month.

-For the buyers who purchased on 2/15, it’ll be unlocked 10% from 4/15 to prevent the sales dates being concentrated.

However, institution will unlock 10% from the 6th month after the registration date and angel will unlock 10% from the 3rd month after the registration date.)

* The amount left over until the registration will be incinerated.




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Cryptocurrency is not legal currency. Cryptocurrency has a higher price change and a higher risk of investment than other investments. Since you are responsible for investing cryptocurrency, please consider carefully before purchasing it.

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